Lets get our stickers out there!! Get your YouTube channel subs and make our stickers available to our friends abroad, I’m making a community tree in the form of a sticker pack, lets make this community bigger and tighter than ever.

Add your name to the list if you would like your logo added to the Community Sticker pack Winter 2023, this sign up will be available for a few weeks, after this time you can sign up to the next pack Spring 2024 but will not be added to the current available pack. these packs will be available to purchase through the aruna-emporium.com shop and each updated pack,  Autumn23, Winter23, Spring24 and Summer24 will have the new sign up logos added and an update pack will be available to those who already have an existing pack.

2 different packs will be available, white gloss and holographic

If we already have your logo, no need to send a new one, if not please email it to me at info@aruna-exotics.com

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Example: Aruna Exotics

Community Sticker Pack Summer 2023

  1. Aruna Exotics
  2. Aruna Emporium
  3. Scotts Inverts
  4. Trond’s Legs and Stings
  5. Love at First Bite
  6. Mark the Spider Guy
  7. 8legs4wheels
  8. Bugzy’s Bugz
  9. Jacks Tarantulas
  10. The invert Kingdom UK
  11. Kris’s Zoo on Wheels
  12. Tim Baxter just Scorpions
  13. Steves Spiders
  14. SS3D Enclosures
  15. Somerset Spiders
  16. Tarantula Rookie
  17. OC Tarantulas
  18. Incredible inverts and other animals
  19. Impossible Inverts
  20. Vivianvixxen
  21. The Spider King
  22. Bug Realms
  23. 8 Legs Only
  24. JGs Cats and Things
  25. Time voyager taxidermy
  26. Tarantuhalla
  27. AntScapes
  28. HerpMania
  29. Al’s Ark
  30. Chas’s Exotic Cabin
  31. Unseen Universe
  32. The Pod Exchange
  33. Mantis Den
  34. Invert abd Rept isle
  35. The Spooder Corner
  36. Unusual Pets
  37. Bears eight legged Freaks
  38. The Invertabarian
  39. M&T Tarantulas 
  40. Charlottes webs 
  41. Exotic Empire
  42. Inverts at heart
  43. Wired but wonderful
  44. The Spider Shop
  45. Amy’s Web
  46. Jermies Wild World
  47. Spink-Bugs and bits
  48. Phidporium 
  49. MM Invertabrates
  50. Spider Shack
  51. Bug Print
  52. Bug Base
  53. Spoods and More
  54. Wyverns Stronghold
  55. Charlottes Webs and Wings
  56. Yorkshire Ts
  57. Portsmouth Tarantulas
  58. Ants on a Rock
  59. Petrock N Roll
  60. The Broody Spooder
  61. Spooders R Us
  62. HappyAntUK
  63. Spooderhut
  64. Creepxncreatures
  65. Tarantula tastic enclosures
  66. The Mantis Garden
  67. Devexotics
  68. Elliotts exotics
  69. SpaSpiders
  70. Cosmic Creepers
  71. Skaana Exotics
  72. Cookies Reptiles
  73. Jaggers Tarantulas

Community Sticker Pack Autumn 2023 additions

  1. Ominous inverts
  2. Bristol Tarantulas
  3. House of a 1000 inverts (replace bears eight legged freaks)
  4. Pauls creepy Crawlies
  5. Lord Peter Webster
  6. Bugtastic Tarantula + invertabrate
  7. Grinders creatures
  8. Jason haunt of the collector
  9. jumping job spiders

Community Sticker pack Winter 2023 additions

  1. Craigs critter world
  2. Ellies bug babies
  3. Dobbys tarantulas